Learn Montage Studio at a live coding event on June 18 in San Francisco

We’re going to demonstrate how to build applications with Montage Studio for the San Francisco HTML5 Live Code meetup group. Join us at Startup House in San Francisco on Wednesday, June 18 to participate in the event. The meetup starts at 6:30PM and the live coding demo starts at 7PM. Please visit the meetup.com page for more details.

During the hour-long live coding presentation, you will learn how to use Montage Studio to build rich, single-page applications that take advantage of the latest Web technologies. Discover how the MontageJS component system simplifies application architecture and increases composability, making it possible to assemble large applications from modular units of functionality. You will also learn how the framework’s powerful functional reactive data binding system makes it easy to manipulate and display data from remote sources.

Montevideo JavaScript Meetup Group

Montage Studio CEO Benoit Marchant gave a talk about the MontageJS draw cycle at JSConf UY in Montevideo earlier this year. Now our friends in Uruguay are spreading the word, with a MontageJS presentation at the June 5 meeting of the Montevideo JavaScript Meetup Group. The meetup takes place at 7:30PM at Sophilabs. Developer Luis Alberto Cal will introduce MontageJS and talk about how it compares to other frameworks. Visit the group’s meetup page for more details.

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