Why Montage Studio?

Montage Studio

Streamline the development of HTML5 applications with the Montage Studio visual authoring tool for the MontageJS framework. Montage Studio accelerates the creation of high-performance applications via a uniquely composable architecture.

The Montage Studio environment enables simple drag-and-drop development for even the most sophisticated projects. It expands opportunities for code reuse, increases application maintainability, and eases collaboration between developers.

Build engaging applications

  • Craft powerful, future-proof applications that seamlessly blend 2D and 3D content, exceed user expectations, and drive cross-screen engagement. View our Gallery »

Work faster together

  • Reduce overall development time by splitting complex projects into simple, reusable components that your team can work on in parallel.
  • These collaborative benefits are especially significant for projects that are undertaken by large teams, working in remote locations.
  • With real-time previews from Montage Studio projects immediately available on device, remote viewers can provide instant feedback on works in progress.
  • Working together inside Montage Studio, web designers and developers can easily assemble and edit components. Components are displayed in a simple tool palette, and a graphical property editor makes it easy to discover and populate component properties to build stunning and powerful Web applications.

Iterate quickly with modular design

  • Montage components are self-contained bits of functionality that can be pieced together like building blocks to assemble complex applications, and these components are built with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS — the standards-based Web technologies web designers and developers know and love.
  • Montage Studio includes a broad assortment of components right out of the box, making it easy to implement many of the common patterns found in modern Web applications. It's also easy to build and share components, combining business logic and custom user interface elements into new reusable building blocks.
  • Discover the benefits of component-oriented templates that let designers focus on HTML and CSS, while developers implement the behavior and business logic.

Experience instant feedback

  • Use Montage Studio to stream your application to anyone, anywhere and get feedback on your changes in real time.

Collaborate with GitHub

  • Log into Montage Studio with your GitHub account. Every Montage Studio project is a GitHub repository, which means you can take advantage of GitHub’s powerful collaborative features.

Works with MontageJS

  • Montage Studio works seamlessly with the MontageJS open-source framework. Work for free inside Montage Studio for free when developing open-source content, or you will soon be able to leverage a paid subscription for closed-source content.
  • Build high performance, easy-to-maintain applications on top of MontageJS. This elegant, open source HTML5 framework (BSD license) rivals native SDKs, yet is easier to learn.
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